When Your Love Relationship Ends: A Peer-supported workshop group

"When Your Love Relationship Ends—A Peer-Support Group Focused on Recovery” is a no-cost, on-line, peer-support group sponsored by Miller Avenue Church. However, this group does not have a religious focus. We follow the relationship-recovery concepts in the the book "Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends," by Bruce Fisher and Robert Alberti. We meet via Zoom in an 8-week series that repeats four times a year. 

We welcome those experiencing loss from divorce, separation, or death of spouse. PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a dating site or group. Meeting outside the group as supportive friends is encouraged.

The group has been meeting since 1986 and is led by Miller Avenue Church pastors Kent and Katie Philpott and, past attendee, Mary Keydash, as co-organizer and small-group facilitator. Please note, we are not therapists. Our meetings start with a topical presentation followed by group discussion and support. Everything that is said is considered confidential and we follow the "No crosstalk, interruptions, or advice" format. We listen to one another and share our own experiences, which leads to healing and recovery.
For more information and to join, visit https://www.meetup.com/when-your-love-relationship-ends-support-group/

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