Can you help in the kitchen preparing meals or cleaning up after them? Show up and offer your services to whomever is in charge that day. For any meal or event that is based on the “potluck” or “sign-up” method, we would love to taste your favorite offering!


Food Donation

With your vehicle and your st­rong ba­ck, there is usually a need for help to collect and unload food from two local grocery stores on Saturday mornings. Delivering to a few shut-in folks is something we would like to add to the roster. Let us know your availability.

Worship Band and Choir 

Can you sing, play an instrument, tap the tambourine? Join us for choir or band rehearsal at 9:30 AM before Sunday service. We present old hymns of the church, Jesus People era songs, Black Gospel arrangements, Country sounds, and original compositions.

Pastoral Care Team

Several congregants and their loved ones are unable to be with us on a regular basis due to illness or physical limitations. Perhaps they have even moved farther away than is practical for attendance. But we still stay in phone and home visit contact. Come alongside us in this caring ministry after getting to know us for a while.


TV Production

MAC will pay for your membership and classes at the Community Media Center of Marin – CMCM – for those Marin residents willing to dedicate several hours per month to our three serial shows. Classes include Center Orientation and Studio Production. Learn to operate cameras switcher, recording and audio equipment, captioning, and even directing.


Are you handy with a screwdriver, a wrench, a paint brush, even a broom? We will welcome your hands and brains to fix the occasional broken item or join in for cleanup/fixup day.