Monthly Newsletter

June, 2023
Out soon: "Why I Decided Not to Kill Myself" and more

March, 2023
Why do we do what we do?

February, 2023
Having S.A.D.; Covid normal; avoiding politics but not biblical principles

January, 2023
Remembering Maggie and Laurelle; essays; back to work

December, 2022
Loosing two dear ones; need another "tech" person for backup.

November, 2022
Little School work done! Carpenter ants in the roof!

October, 2022
How do we respond to our decidedly non-Christian environment?

September, 2022
Starting Romans, importance of live streaming and TV shows

August, 2022
Psychic book progress, new ministry, importance of phone calls

July, 2022
"Still moving forward"

June, 2022
Local evangelism strategies

May, 2022
Do you ask, "Am I really born again?"

March, 2022
Overcomers! And coming against "Psychic Therapies"

January, 2022
Women in ministry and new book on pychic healers

August, 2021
Several have passed, but we keep running the race.

August, 2020
Four essential ministries

July, 2020
Lord, Send a Revival!

June, 2020
Live-streaming and Zooming Galore!

May, 2020
Life and Church Changes with Covid-19

February, 2020
Building projects galore!

January, 2020
Newsletter for January, 2020