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Bible Preaching 
and Teaching

If we did nothing else, it would be preaching the Word of God to all, believers and non-believers alike, and teaching the Word and Christian Theology, Doctrine, History, and Biblical Interpretation, and other topics of vital importance” to disciples to help them grow up into the fullness of Christ. Verse by verse through books of the Bible or expositional sermons based on themes like the Parables.

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Food in boxes ready to be picked up

Food Collection and Distribution

For over twenty-five years we have partnered with Respecting Our Elders on a food pick-up and distribution program. We regularly pick up food at local Whole Foods and Safeway stores. The food then is taken to our fellowship hall for people in need from the community.

many screens and computer equipment in a TV control room

TV Media Outreach

Using the facilities of the Community Media Center of Marin and other venues, we produce several television programs:

  • The Bible Study
  • Why We Are Christians
  • The Imam and The Pastor
  • The Rabbi and the Pastor
  • The Shaman and the Pastor
  • The Wiccan and the Pastor
  • Christian Basics
man and woman sitting at a table for book signing


Though not a direct ministry of MAC, we encourage the pastor’s publishing effort called Earthen Vessel Publishing, launched in 2000; Pastor Kent is the primary author, but he has published books by several other authors. Katie Philpott is the editor and book designer. Find Kent’s author page on HERE

Kent interviews Katie on TV

Why We Are Christians

Why We Are Christians is a conversational interview program in which we learn how people from different countries, races, languages, classes, ages, and religions came to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then what happened next. The usual format is two half hour episodes with the same person, either in the studio or via Skype.

People shopping at a yard sale

Kenya, Africa Kids Fund

Children in Kenya are allowed to attend public school, but only if they have uniforms, which many, especially girls, cannot afford. Our Jane Ndungu created a means to buy sewing machines and fabric and to employ women to make uniforms and backpacks for the kids. We raise funds for this ongoing project by holding two yard sales per year. The average amount collected is $1,000.


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Divorce Recovery Workshop

Started in January of 1986, we have hosted eight-week Divorce Recovery and Loss Workshops four times per year. Several hundreds have attended the workshops over the years. Find testimonials on our site. We are currently using Zoom for these groups.

open Bible

Bible Study

Since 1985 we have hosted a verse-by-verse Bible study, working through various books in the Bible. Pastor Vernon Philpott leads this study.

There is a separate women-only version Bible Study also.

people eating together at a table

Breaking Bread Fellowship

We are very committed to table fellowship and think this is where much of our relational bonding and growing happens. During the pandemic, we suspended this part of our fellowship but will gradually bring it back. Stay tuned!

Vernon Philpott starting communion

Sunday Evening Service

For those who cannot attend Sunday morning services (and for some who like to attend both) we hold a 6–7 PM service, led by Pastor Vernon. It is more casual and open in format. We welcome anyone who wishes to participate with a musical or poetry offering, Bible passage reading, etc. It is currently being live-streamed via Zoom as well as in person.