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Title Author Topic Date
Pentacostalized   Kent Philpott   Two ways of looking at it   1/21/2019 
A Sadness Hidden in the Gospel Story   Kent Philpott   The sad side of the good news   10/7/2018 
Santeria: From Slavery to Slavery   Kent Philpott   Santeria: History/Explanation   9/12/2018 
Day of Atonement: Yom Kippur   Kent and Katie Philpott   Jesus and Yom Kippur   9/8/2018 
Tabernacles/Ingathering: Sukkot   Kent and Katie Philpott   Jesus and Sukkot   9/8/2018 
Feast of Trumpets: Yom Teruah   Kent and Katie Philpott   Jesus and Rosh Hashanah   9/8/2018 
Homophobia and Heterophobia: Two Sides of the Same Coin?   Kent Philpott   Is this fear or something else  7/4/2019 
How to Know if You Are a Born-Again Christian   Kent Philpott   Discerning whether saved   1/10/2018 
With Boldness and Humility   Kent Philpott   Biblical Bold Witnessing   1/22/2019